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These phones are "from one collector to another". All phones are functional unless otherwise noted, have brown or black cloth covered cords with a few exceptions where the original may have had black rubber cords, and, have modular connectors so you can plug them into contemporary wall sockets. Phones are restored with special effort to keep them as original as possible. All phones are guaranteed with the occasional exception of an unrestored collector grade original (marked with "*"). Trade offers are welcome. If you have a phone you want to sell, contact me. I may buy it, or, if not, I can refer you to someone who will. Click on the image for a larger view. Some people have asked why I keep the sold phones on the page. My answer is that other people have said they appreciate having them there for reference. Thanks for visiting.
The Automatic Electric "mercedes" dials were made from 1914 to 1923. They went through 3 or 4 upgrades in that time including the #23 version (and last version) which immediately preceeded the long lived #24 dial. The "mercedes" dial was the first dial made that is still compatible with modern switch equipment.